Get Your Freshest, Most-Beautiful Smile … From Your Hygienist

Many people aren’t too fond of teeth cleaning and routine dental visits. But in a huge majority of cases, teeth cleaning is a completely painless and simple process.

The Cleaning Process

Thorough teeth cleaning can be performed by your dental hygienist. And before they clean your teeth, they will begin with an examination of your mouth with a small mirror — looking for signs of inflammation or other issues that require further diagnosis.

After this, the dental hygienist will remove any tartar and plaque surrounding your gum line and the space between the teeth. This part of the cleaning process gets rid of anything you haven’t dealt with through flossing and brushing.

Once this is done, your hygienist will use a powerful electric brush to clean away any remaining debris, along with professional-grade toothpaste. Your dental hygienist may also provide you with expert flossing, which beats even your regular home flossing. Finally, the hygienist may give you fluoride treatment — placing a protective paste or gel over your teeth.

This final part of the treatment is crucial for long-term oral health; the protective paste hardens after it comes into contact with your saliva, providing a shield against cavities. It doesn’t last forever, but it will last you a couple of months — making regular dental cleanings a good idea.

Dental Hygiene Matters

It’s essential to maintain a regular dental cleaning regimen. Doing your best at home is important, but you should also make sure to regularly visit dental hygienists to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

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