Dental Crowns: Your Crowning Glory

Dental crowns are caps used for damaged teeth — created from varied materials, ranging from porcelain to metal. The specifics of the crown vary, as does their look and feel — there could be crowns sitting atop a molar that are pretty much invisible barring a wide yawn. On the other hand, there are also crowns for front teeth that are designed specifically to match the rest of your teeth.

This kind of natural appearance that won’t make your smile any less pretty could be an important priority — which is why discussing dental crowns with a professional dentist in Etobicoke is a good idea. And JM Dental is always welcoming new patients — we are more than happy to discuss the different options and assist you in picking the one which will best fit your needs!

When do you need a crown?

There are a few reasons why getting a crown might be needed — in most cases, it’s when you’re faced with a tooth cavity that’s just too large for a filling. Additionally, your tooth may require a dental crown procedure if it’s:

  • Weakened
  • Cracked
  • Worn down

Generally, crowns are a recommended course of action after a root canal procedure. Those tend to leave your tooth in a state of fragility which requires additional protection. Also, in the case of a missing tooth, a dentist may recommend a crown when you need a tooth implant or a dental bridge.

Dental Crown Care

Once you have a crown on your tooth, it’s essential to maintain it properly — an attentive approach will ensure that the crown lasts you as long as possible. It’s recommended to:

  • Perform daily flossing
  • Avoid hard foods
  • Start brushing more carefully

Consider a nightguard if you clench or grind your teeth at night.